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About Revenue Growth Advisory

What to consider when looking at revenue growth:
Analyzing revenue growth doesn't just mean thinking of new ways to bring money in through every existing and potential channel possible. Diligently examine your company's financial statements: observe which internal processes or aspects of your product are responsible for top-line revenue growth, which aspects are causing decreases in revenue, and how your long-term outlook is shaping up.

Then you can start scheming about new revenue drivers.

This newsletter is for those people who are looking to grow the company's revenue in the government and civilian sectors, by getting informative data intelligence. Data is important.

It’s for people who want to understand revenue growth as it is, not revenue growth as someone wishes it to be. It’s for people who seek to really grow their company rather than become stagnate. It’s for people who prefer to think about government & civilian revenue growth on a wider scale.

This is all I need to help you grow revenue for your company!!! My successful Office.

Leaders are in pursuit of sales, which I understand. When I work with clients I help them focus on revenue growth because it encompasses more than only sales. Revenue Growth focuses on the company's entire growth. “Revenue” is often confused with sales and earnings. So, let’s take a quick look at the differences: Revenue: Revenue is the amount of money made from all sources, including sales, partnerships, marketing revenue, investments, royalties, fees, and more. Expenses aren’t considered. Sales: Sales are the amount of money made from selling items or services. They also don’t factor in expenses.

I like to help people and companies think a different way regarding revenue growth, another big difference between sales, earnings, and revenue is sales and earnings tend to be goal-oriented, while revenue growth should be considered a strategy rather than an end goal.

Paying subscribers can leave comments on every piece and I welcome your insights.  My aim is to facilitate healthy, civil discussions about everything with a focus on revenue growth. With this goal in mind, please note that I will remove comments that indicate gross intolerance of bad verbiage.

I hope reading Revenue Growth Advisory newsletter reassures you that sales shouldn't be the major thought on leaders’ minds. It should be company revenue growth which is very different.

I’m really glad to have you here!!

About Me….

I consider myself like Jamie Foxx but in a different sector. Jamie is extremely talented in all these areas; he sings, acts, plays instruments, and is a comedian. I am very talented in Revenue Growth and all the areas attached to it such as marketing, selling, strategic thinking, and business development.

I am a Revenue Growth Consultant in all the areas it intends, meaning business development, revenue growth, marketing partnerships, and marketing sales. 

From 1988 to 2013 I worked with the government in numerous capacities from a military SPECOPS to Government civilian CIO. During these years of working with the government in several capacities, I learned many skills and accomplished so much from implementing technology data centers in the U.S. government Europe to understanding how the internal government work at all levels. 

After retiring from the government I focused on helping companies of all sizes grow their revenue in the government and civilian sectors.


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